Untitled229th February 2016: In the midst of School Orientations, school re-opening and school Opening ceremony preparation, once again the time has come for the All India class XII CBSE board examination. As such, a couple of days back, the class XII students who had their noses buried in their books during their month long preparation leave have been called by the school Director, Principal and the concerned teachers for the last minute briefing and guidance. This, as usual gave them a sigh of relief and confidence in their time of exam fear, suspense and excitement. They had been told to give their best performance and not to take unnecessary tension. From the school and the teachers side, no stone has been left unturned in making these students fully equipped for this examination.

They are the second batch appearing for the AISSCE since the school got its plus 2 affiliation from the board. The first batch had made the entire Suja family proud with their outstanding result with one Sikyong scholarship and 3 Gaden Podrang recipients. All the students who appeared came out with 100 results. Their hard work and meticulous effort with regular guidance and encouragement from the teachers, staff members, Principal and Director ultimately bore great result.

The same effort has been put into the present class XII 2nd batch. Everybody, both the students and the school worked really hard. All put similar hope on these students this year.

When the school reopens tomorrow with its Opening ceremony, these students will be busy giving their first paper. The whole school sends their prayers for the students of class XII and wishes them good luck in their CBSE board examination.