Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la talking to the students on his topic ” Key to Academic Success: Mindset (photo: Lha Charitable Trust)

21st November 2015: Lha Charitable Trust, NGO based in Dharamsala organized an education talk, “Key to Academic Success: Your Mindset” at TCV School Suja. Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la, the former Education Officer of the Department of Education, CTA Dharamsala was the speaker. Having recently acquired MPhil in Education from Cambridge University, England he had felt the need to highlight this awareness among Tibetan Schools in exile.

The primary aim of the program is to motivate the students into learning by giving them essential tips on ways to becoming a good learner. He basically spoke about the two types of mindset; Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. He encouraged both the students as well as the teachers to develop growth mindset. He also disclosed various ways to identify the two mindsets and how to check which mindset you have.


TCV Suja students listening attentively to Mr. Gyaltsen la (Photo: Lha Charitable Trust )

The students listened to his talk with lots of interest and enthusiasm as he presented his talk with the help of powerpoint. He also captured the attention of the students by using his presentation skill which he had developed during his many years of teaching in the school. There was also half an hour interaction between the students. Many students cleared their doubts about learning from him.

Finally, the school Principal thanked Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la and the Lha Charitable Trust for throwing light on such important topic in the field of learning. He offered a scarf and school magazine as a token of love and gratitude.