The 8 panelist during the Career Fest at TCV School Suja

The 8 panelist during the Career Fest at TCV School Suja

30th October 2015: 2nd Career Fest was held at TCV School Suja on 30th October as a part of Social Day and Career Day. Experts from 8 different professions like Journalism, Software engineering, writer, activist, teacher, Lawyer, Computer Engineering etc. These 8 professions were found to be in great demand among our senior students according to the need based survey done few weeks earlier. The function began in the school hall in the presence of the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la.

The entire month of October was dedicated to Social Day and as such different projects were undertaken by different classes and their respective teachers with kind guidance from the Social Science Faculty. A mock interview and resume presentation was done a day in advance exclusively for the class XII students and they were awarded marks by the concerned teachers. So, the winners were given prizes during the function by the Department Head Mr. Choedak Gyatso la.

A brief introduction of the 8 panelists was done by a class XII student followed by 5 minutes talk by the panelists on their own chosen profession. The hall which was filled with students above class VII and teachers listened to the panelists with great interest. The panelists shared their experiences and encourage the students to dream high and start achieving excellence. After that there was Q&A session for half an hour during which students cleared their doubts and got enlightened by the panelists.

After that the school Director presented souvenirs for the 8 panelist. The school captain Master Tamdin la extended his vote of thanks on behalf of the school to all the panelists for coming from various places and encouraging and supporting the students. After the function, the students were divided according to their choice of streams and each group was joined by the concerned expert. There was interactive session between the expert and the students.

This career fest was the second time Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, career counselor of the school had conducted with the sole aim of creating awareness for our children. As usual she was given support from the senior class teachers and the school heads.

There was also presentation of different career chosen by the students on the basketball ground. Each profession had their own booth and the students explain about their profession. The booths were beautifully adorned with charts and models. Some of the students were also found in their own professional costumes and uniforms. The senior classes had spent lots of time and hard work in putting up all those presentations. All the classes visited the booth turn by turn. So many students were inspired and learned a lot about their future career.

In the evening, a career quiz was organized by the Department and all the quiz masters and the hosts were students. The students were well equipped in everything and the quiz went very successfully. There were six rounds starting from Colleges and University rounds to Entrance Test rounds. The career and social Day concluded with a happy note and everybody had something to learn from this eventful day. The school thanked all the Social Department members headed by the chairperson and the school Career Counselor Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la for their systematic and well chalked out plan.