Gen Tenzin Youtso la welcoming and introducing the Day in the school hall

9th September 2015:  TCV School Suja had their Science and Math Day on 9th September. This year a full day was dedicated to the Science day as unanimously decided by the Science Department members. The day began with an introductory speech and presentation on this year’s Science day theme “Light” by Miss Tenzin Youtso la and Mr. Tsering Londhen respectively in Phuntsok Deshe hall during the morning assembly. After the presentation there were two rounds of Tibetan Dialectic session; one on Science topic “Living Things” and the other on Math topic “Number system”.  Unlike previous year, this year the department had started this dialectic session which was commendable. Both the students as well as the teachers had been practicing for a long time and eventually their hard work bore good result when the program went well. In between, there was a beautiful song from the students of class IX who presented an English song called “Math we do”. The first phase of the Science and Math day in the hall concluded.


Gen Tsering Lodhen la giving a presentation on on Light on Science and Math Day

The second phase was on the school basketball ground and the main anchor was the young and charismatic Math teacher Mr. Tsering Londhen la who did a wonderful job in making everyone entertained irrespective of the hot scorching sun which was pouring from above. They had arranged an “On the spot painting contest”. The contest was for class VI to class XII and they were asked to draw a sketch of the late Indian president Dr. Abdul J Kalam. To give this contest a taste of Math and Science, the participants from each class were given 1/4 of Dr. Kalam’s Portrait and asked to draw. Finally all the four portions were joined and the best team with proper portion and measurement was given award. The contest began with light background music on one side and the cheering of the students for their respective classes. The painting was done in little less than an hour and the students from class VIII were presented award by the school Principal.


Dialectic Session in progress before the panelists during Science and math Day

In the meantime, there were three presentations going on; all working models by different classes. There was Solar cooker models from class IX on one side and the teachers were noting down the temperature of the water. On the open stage there were models and charts of Three “Rs” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse from class X students. Near them there was a working model of Train Signal from the students of class VII. There were two teams in Tibetan Dialectic. They debated on math and science topics Quadrilaterals and Metals respectively.


Display of working models of Railway Signals and Chart Presentations of the three “Rs” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse by class VII and X

In the evening, a quiz was organized by the Science and Math Department. The participants were the ones who scored highest in Science and Math in the summative Assessment I.  The quiz was between class IX and X students. Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, senior Science teacher hosted the quiz. There were 6 rounds all related to Science and math and the evening was dedicated to the Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche and Dr. Abdul J Kalam. The participants were divided into six teams which were named after the books written by Dr. Kalam. The participants performed very well and the the quiz was a great success.


On the spot Live Sketching of Dr. Abdul J Kalam on Science and Math Day on the basketball ground

Finally, the winners were handsomely rewarded by the school Principal, who later thanked all the members of the Science and Math Department for the innovation they had brought in regarding the celebration of Science and Math Day. He also thanked the students who had participated in all the programs and for their hardwork and sincerity. With a big round of applause, the day successfully concluded in a very happy ending.