Toppers in English from class IX to XI Summative Assessment I (photo: School Principal Office)

29th August 2015:
Not all the time, the high achievers be given presents and prizes. Sometimes, they should be given some unique privileges like taking part in book discussions, visiting new places etc. instead. well, something similar happened here in TCV School Suja. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la after arranging special funds for this new project, ” Students’ Book Club” called upon all the students who had scored highest in the two languages namely Tibetan and English. They were all given a chance to participate in the Students’ Book Club as a present for their outstanding achievement.


Toppers in Tibetan Language from class IX to XI Summative Assessment I (photo: School Principal Office)

Those who scored highest in English were given few titles in English and those who scored highest in Tibetan were given few titles in Tibetan. Some of the books distributed to them were, The Noodle maker of Kalimpong, Wisdom of Compassion, A Force for Good,  How to Practice Compassion, A Tibetan Revolutionary etc. This was the first time; the high achiever students were given few selected books and formed Students’ Book Club. The students will be reading the books and giving a final presentation to all the students towards the end of the session. With this, it is hoped that students will be motivated to develop a good reading habit and create a ripple effect in other institutions.