Mr. Kutin interacting with SOS children and staff members during his visit accompanied by TCV President and Secretary (photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

30th August 2015:  Mr.Helmut Kutin, the President of the SOS International Village visited SOS TCV School Suja on 30th August 2015. He was accompanied by the chief Co-coordinator of SOS Villages India. Prior to his TCV Suja’s visit, he spent a days at SOS TCV Gopalpur as the chief guest for the Inter House Cultural Competition dedicated to the Gayton Celebration.

Both the staff and students gave him a warm welcome near the school gate. He was accompanied by mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV schools, Mr. Thupten Dorjee la, the Secretary and Mr. Sonam Sichoe la, the Education Director along with the chief coordinator, Mrs. Sudha. Upon reaching here at the gate, he walked all the way to the SOS hall where a Junior Science Exhibition was arranged. He had a wonderful time interacting with the students during the Exhibition. Mr. Kutin and his entourage had a short visit around the school. After the exhibition, he was taken for an official lunch in the school staff mess.


Mr. Kutin being given an official luncheon by the school in the staff mess ( photo: gen Lhakyi la )

SOS Children’s Village Foundation was first founded by late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner after the Second World War. To look after the children of the people who were killed in the war. Gradually, the Organization spread out to many different countries. Today, Mr. Helmut Kutin, who was himself from SOS children’s village, is the president. This was Mr. Kutin’s first ever visit to SOS TCV school Suja. He had few plans which didn’t materialize in the end. The school is honoured to receive him and whole heartedly thank him and SOS for all the help.