Entrance of the school hall fully adorned with beautiful cards and messages from students (photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

5th September 2015:  TCV School Suja celebrated its annual Staff Day with great pomp and show as usual. There was a function on the basketball ground. On the very outset, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la offered butter lamp on the altar of His Holiness’ Photo. The school Captain Mr. Therchin gave an introductory speech about the special day. After that, cultural presentations of the students were done one after the other. The performances were outstanding and vividly showed their love and hardwork for their staff members. During the function, a small bilingual book of messages was unveiled by the school Director and later distributed to all the staff gathered there. There was also light refreshment for all the staff members.

After the function, all the staff members were ushered to the school hall for more refreshment. As usual, the main decoration or rather the center of attraction used to the school hall as school monitors and prefects spend lots of time giving their best. So, this year, the main decoration in the hall was the ancient Tibetan Kitchen. It was beautifully designed especially for this day. One could see the hardwork and the sincerity behind this colorful decoration. The staff members were found taking various photos to keep remembrance of the great day. The entrance of the hall was adorned with beautiful cards and messages from the students. Each and every staff were handed a card and a pen at the very doorstep of the hall.


Staff members enjoying the games arranged by the students (photo: Gen Lhakyi la )

Both the lunch and dinner were served in the hall. The lunch was the popular Indian “Dham” and the dinner was dumpling. There were also party games for the staff members on the basketball ground. In the evening there was song and dance by the students. After the program, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all the staff members for the eventful day.

 When the whole India celebrate 5th September as Teacher’s Day after the Birthday of the first President of India Dr. Radhakrishnan Sarvepalli, TCV Schools celebrate this day as Staff Day to remind the children that TCV is a big home. In TCV schools, all the staff members take care of the children like their own parents and so in order to feel their gratitude, every year 5th September is celebrated as Staff Day. Thank you students for the wonderful day!