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Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the headmaster speaking to the gathering of Parent Teacher Association Meeting ( Photo: Gen Jampa Ngawang la )

 1st August 2015: A special meeting and interactive session between the teachers and the parents was called upon in the school auditorium by the school Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at 2:30 pm. A large number of students ‘parents, relatives and local guardian not only attended the meeting but also had a profitable one to one interaction with the concerned class teachers and subject teachers of their child. The school Principal office had already sent a short message to all the parents, relatives and local guardian of the students inviting them for this special Parent Teacher Meeting of Summative Assessment I.

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The school Director and the Principal seen here with the teachers and parents in the school hall (Photo: Gen Tenzin Lhaki la )

The meeting was attended by the school Director, the Principal, Headmasters of both Junior and senior section, teachers, home mothers and wardens apart from the students’ parents, relative and local guardian. The school Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la extended a warm welcome to all who had gathered in the hall. He spoke about the importance of this Parent Teacher Meeting. After that, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la welcomed the parents on behalf of the school. Speaking on the occasion, he reminded the parents the importance of interacting with their child’s teachers and foster parents and discussing about his or her overall performance in the school; and not merely meeting and giving things to their child. He requested all the parents not to spoil their children by fulfilling all their wishes; and likewise providing them with things that are not allowed in schools and giving eatables which are not allowed in schools. This is not a good parenting and in simple term it is wrong love and care.


Parents, relatives and local guardian interacting with the teachers (Photo: Gen Jampa Ngawang la )

After that, the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin spoke for another half an hour. He presented a bird’s eye view of the overall Summative Assessment I result gradually went into each class’ individual performance. After the result presentation, he spoke highly of all the staff members for their hard work, sincerity and dedication in presence of all the parents gathered there. He reiterated on the importance of support from the parents in molding their children into a good human being. He assured all the parents that the result for the Summative Assessment II would be much better. Finally, he once again thanked all the parents who had considered this meeting important and thus made their presence and requested them to make the best use of this time by interacting with the teachers. Thus, both the school Director and the Principal were unison in convincing the parents once and for all their role in the education of their own child. It was hope that the parents would take more initiative and keep updated about their child’s progress and weaknesses.


Parents interacting with their children’s teachers during PTA meeting in the school hall ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Lhaki la )

After the Director and Principal’s talk, the parents, relatives and the local guidance interacted with their children’s class teacher and subject teachers. For the next few hours, there was a free and frank interaction between the teachers and the parents. The school PTA had arranged light refreshment for all. The parents and relatives who had come from far and near for this meeting had a quality time and saw and heard their children’s academic and non academic performance up till now. They all looked fully satisfied and contended. The meeting and the interaction fulfilled its purpose and it was a great success. It is hope that more parents will come and take more initiative for the sake of their own child.

Every school has Parent Teacher Association (PTA). For any school to impart a quality and effective education for children, the role of parents play an important role. In fact, the more active the Association is better the education for the children. Everywhere, there is blame game and both the school and the parents blame each other for poor initiative. The Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration had been giving workshops for the parents about the importance of their role in child’s education. Moreover a major Parents’ workshop would be arranged at Dharamsala. It is hope that the relationship between the school and the parents will further improve and bring a positive result in children’s education.