photo 1 (1)29th June 2015: As a part of World Drug Day, a brief function was held on the basketball ground during the morning assembly. Mr. Nyima Tsering la, a senior science teacher introduced the day and gave a detailed talk on Drug Abuse and its harmful effect in our precious human life. He also introduced everybody to the two types of drugs; stimulants and depressants. He concluded his talk by requesting the students to stay away from unhealthy habits and remain healthy.

photo 2 (1)After that, a group of students headed by Gen Yangdon Tsering la presented a drama related to drugs and its catastrophic disaster. The students had really worked hard in advance and thus their drama was appreciated by all with a huge round of applause. The students were able to get into the characters properly. It was really true that “Picture speaks more than words”. Through their drama, they were able to convince the students that unhealthy habit formation due to peer pressure would definitely land on into hot water. The drama concluded with all the characters taking a pledge not to fall prey to such unhealthy habits like consuming tobacco and drugs.

photo 4

The school Principal gave a vote of thanks to all the participants and their teacher for a state of art performance. He requested the students to pick up the main message from the drama. He concluded his talk with a note of hope that no students would ever be seen falling victim to such harmful habits.