photo 130th June 2015: Suja’s got talent was organized by Junior English department so as to give platform to the junior students to show their hidden skills and grow up with real education. It was held in the junior section hall on 30th June. There were 15 groups and individuals showing different talents. The talents which students had shown were Tibetan n English dance n song, slow motion, martial art, magic show, beat box, Hindi n Nepali songs.

photo 2Miss Tenzin Sangmo, a 4th standard student and the main host of show unveiled the beautifully adorned stage, with “Suja’s Got Talent” written in big letters. Her presentation and the hosting of the show itself was a great talent and left many awestruck. She called upon the four judges one by one, who were all teachers.

After that the names of the participants were called one by one. All the participants presented their talents and it really gave a tough time for the judges. The whole events went sensation and everyone was left with appreciation, laughter and wonder. It took almost two hours. The school director distributed the prizes to the winners who were unanimously selected by the four distinguished jurists. The school Director was pleased and filled with lots of admiration.

Inputs by Gen Tenzin Choedon la)