th2T1XG58R26 and 27th June 2015: A two days’ workshop on “Women’s Basic Healthcare Training” was held in the school from 26th to 27th June. The workshop was organized by the Department of Health, CTA and funded by PRM (US). There were 43 students, all girls from class VII and VIII.

On the first day of the workshop, there were 4 speakers who gave presentation on various health problems like Hepatitis B, Mental Health, Tuberculosis (TB) and UTI & Cancer. The participants were given program schedule and literatures. There were also occasional breaks in between the workshop.

On the second day, there were 3 speakers who were all doctors from Allopathic and Tibetan Herbal Medicine. They gave presentations on STDs/HIV and women’s Basic Healthcare. During the presentations, the students and the speakers interacted with each other on various doubts and queries. In the after of the second day, the participants were put into groups and they were asked to do their own presentation on the topics discussed during those two days. All the groups gave wonderful presentations including plays on various diseases.

The two days’ workshop concluded with a brief tea and snacks refreshment for all the participants and the resource persons. The Department of Health extended their vote of thanks to the school for the hospitality. They presented souvenir to Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, the school counselor for being the co-coordinator from the school. All the participants experienced lots of new learning from this two days’ workshop and they were more aware of various women’s basic healthcare.