The models and designers walking the ramp during Trashion Show ( Photo: Gen Tseten Youdon la )

The models and designers walking the ramp during Trashion Show ( Photo: Gen Tseten Youdon la )

A waste to wealth trashion show was presented on the open stage by the school Recycle Group headed by Gen Yangdon Tsering la. The stage was beautifully lighted and a special ramp was built by the organizers for the event. There were around 27 models excluding their designers. To judge the event, there were 4 judges, who were all teachers. Present for the show were, the school Director, the Principal, the staff members and the students.

The show began with a short video clip, “A typical day of School Recycle Group”, which was appreciated by the audience with a heavy round of applause. The anchor for the event was Master Kalsang Tashi of class XII, who had a great role in making the event a great success. After that, the models came on the stage in groups of 5 and walked the ramp with their designers. Their cat walk was accompanied by music and lighting provided by Gen Tsering Lodhen la, a former Math teacher.

In between the show, there were students who presented their songs. There were also short videos about environment which was collected from various sources. The marks were given to the models and designers on the basis of their Presentation, Creativity, and Logic etc. All the 27 participants had prepared so well and their creativity was par excellence. Their hard work could be seen through their work.

Before the show came to an end, Gen Yangdon Tsering la, the person behind this show called upon the school Director to distribute the prizes. The Director thanked Gen Yangdon la for her long time commitment to the Recycle and Environment Club. He requested everyone to take care of world environment particularly our own school.

The program concluded with a vote of thanks from Gen Yangdon Tsering la. This trashion show had sent a strong message to all, the importance of three Rs; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.