The result (Aggregate of best 5 subjects) at a glance as announced by the school Principal during the assembly

25th May 2015: The long awaited result of the first ever class XII batch of the school finally brought a great relief and timely moment of AHA for the entire staff and students of the school, whose ears have been anxiously waiting to hear the news of a good result.  Well, that day finally came when the CBSE declared the result yesterday at 12:40 pm worldwide. As a matter of fact, the result of the first batch of any schools normally becomes very important not just for the school reputation but for the sake of retaining one’s hard earned affiliation. Owing to its maiden entry after its affiliation to the board in 2013, a lot of pressure was automatically built among both the staff and students of the school. In fact no stone had been left unturned by the staff and students as well as the school Administration, in giving their best.

The school had been recently visited by honorable Sikyong himself on their Graduation day and spoke to the students about bringing out good result and Sikyong Scholarship awardees.  Luckily, the students of the class XII batch made every one proud by producing a very good result and set a landmark and an eye opener for the coming class XII students. The whole school was in a spirit of jubilation especially at the time when everyone is busy gearing up for the long awaited summer vacation. There will be few students entitled for the Gaden Phodrang award.The school administration extends a sincere congratulations to all the teachers and the students for this wonderful performance where majority came out with distinction. The school also hopes to produce such results in the future as well.