The banner for the Book Review displayed on the stage (Photo: Gen Jampa Ngawang la )

The banner for the Book Review displayed on the stage (Photo: Gen Jampa Ngawang la )

20th May 2015: The English Department of junior school had arranged an Oral Book Review in the senior school hall under the banner “Book Fair 2015” to mark the English Month. The program began with the ribbon cutting by the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la. Present during the ceremony were the members of the English Department and the students of class IV, V and VI.
A giant poster of a book was displayed at the center of the stage. The entire students of class IV, V and VI were seated on chair with their brief summary of the book they had read stick on the back of their chair. They were then visited by students one by one. They then presented the oral summary of the story and after they had done, they collected the comments and feedbacks from their visitors. The whole hall was jam packed by students.


The Principal and the English Department heads with the particpants ((Photo: Gen Jampa Ngawang la )

The students from class O/C to class XII visited them in turns. They attended the students one by one and listened to their oral presentation of the book. Many of them talked highly of these young students as they talked about various authors they had read. The young students looked really interested and their art of presentation was seen improving each time they completed.
Outside the hall, there were few big charts on which the senior students as well as the staff members write their comments and suggestions. Many of the comments were very encouraging. Some of the comments read “Keep it up. You all are doing great!” “Thank you teachers and students of junior section for this lovely Oral book review”.

photo 2

The participants busy telling the story and the author to their senior students (Photo: Gen Ngawang Jampa la )

The English Department had also arranged refreshment of drink for the students who would be in the hall from the morning till evening sharing their book and authors. The Department hopes to create some kind of good reading culture among the younger generations. Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. So Keep Reading!