Mr. Karma Lhekshay la, the President cum trainer taking his session with the particpants

13th May 2015: A four day intensive workshop on Conflict resolution was kicked off at TCV School Suja starting from today, by the Tibetan Center for Conflict Resolution (TCCR), a non-profitable, educational organization formed in 2006 based in Dharamsala.  There were 28 students of class XI humanities group attending the 4 days workshop.

The workshop began with a welcome and introductory speech from the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab Therchin la. He spoke briefly about their NGO and the President and the trainer Mr. Karma Lhekshay la and Mrs. Tenzin Yangkey la respectively.


Mrs. Tenzin Tseyang la talking to the participants during one of her sessions

Keeping in mind the hot season of summer, every day the workshop began at 8 am and ends in the afternoon with two refreshment breaks. “The workshop was very helpful for me. I have already changed the way I look at conflicts in the school. It helped me a lot in resolving my conflicts in a very non-violent way” says Ngawang a participant from class XI humanities TCV School Suja.

TCCR, a non-profitable, education organization dedicated to the non-violent management of conflicts in the Tibetan community and the world as a whole has been conducting various workshops for various groups of people especially for the school children and college students. Their workshops had been widely appreciated by all. Presently, the NGO is being headed by Mr. Karma Lekshey la.


Workshop participants having a brainstorming session with the two resource persons

Conflicts are inevitable in any society. As long as the society exists, there will be conflicts. As such conflicts which are resolved non-violently will ultimately transform conflicts into positive energy and that is what TCCR is doing through this kind of workshop.