A student is delivering a speech during the Elocution contest (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

5th May 2015: The first Inter Class Vi and VII English Elocution was held in the school hall at 7 pm. Students of class VIII and below and the staff members attended the contest. The evening began with the calling of the participants and the judges by the two hosts, Mr. Tsering Namgyal la and Tenzin Dhargyal la. They unveiled the stage which was decorated beautifully by the students of class IX E.

Mr. Tsering Namgyal la called upon the participants one by one according to the order i.e. Poetry section, Speech section and Dramatic extract. There were total of 17 participants. All the participants presented their pieces nicely and had prepared well in advance. The audience co-operated well throughout the program by maintaining pin drop silence.

The poem chosen by the two hosts was the “I am a Crow” written by Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la, former TCV teacher and Education Officer. The poem was based on a very motivating story called “Don’t follow others, follow yourself”. The poem tells the importance of being yourself and not a copy.  Some of the great speeches delivered were from Malala, Mahatma Gandhi ji etc. and dramatic extracts were from Snow white and Matilda etc. The program came to an end after a little more than an hour.

The school Headmaster was called upon to distribute the prizes to the winners. The winners in these three categories were given prizes and the rest were given consolation prizes for their participation. The organizers extended their vote of thanks to all the people who had made the program successful.