Students engaged fully in Riglam after the evening self study in the school hall under the guidance of the two teachers

Under the proper guidance of our two Dialectic teachers Geshe Yeshi Tashi la and Geshe Thupten Jamyang la, the daily Riglam session and practice is going on smoothly. Apart from the regular Riglam classes, the two teachers spent their evenings with the students who were enrolled for Riglam practice. Right after the evening studies, the students were seen seated in cluster of groups as per their level and covered the entire open spaces on the basketball ground. Sometimes, there were bigger congregations in the school hall, when the two teachers would conduct the debate in two big groups. And all these were done without hampering the daily school schedule. The two teachers as well as the student Riglam leaders make rounds and monitor their progress and standard. The students were seen practicing the debate with utmost interest and dedication. The standard of Riglam in case of some students was very good and as such they mentor the new students. As such, there used to be a very good atmosphere for Riglam in the school.


Both the teacher and the students practicing Riglam in the school hall

Ever since, His Holiness spoke on the importance of applying centuries old Tibetan Buddhist practice of Dialectic among not just in monasteries but also in schools, majority of the schools started this Dialectic practice. In fact, some section of school had a very high standard of dialectic practice. There were a couple of Dialectic congregations where various Tibetan schools participated along with their Dialectic teachers. Such congregations were organized by the Department of Education.


A group of students debating while others serve refreshment on rehearsal

This year there will be a large Dialectic congregation in the month of October and will be held here in TCV School Suja. Students of various schools will be participating in this important event. The school especially, the two teachers are anxiously looking forward this gathering and full preparation for the great day is going on in full swing with full support from the entire school.