Special prayer session for those hit by earthquake (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

27th April 2015: A mass prayer was held in the school hall for the victims and the bereft family members of the recent earthquake that jolted the parts of Nepal and part of Tibet and India on 25th April by the staff and students of TCV School Suja.

The prayer was preceded by a talk by the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin. He on behalf of the school expressed his solidarity to all those affected by this deadly earthquake measuring 8.4 Richter scale. He further said that the earthquake had taken the lives of more than 2400 people that were recorded at this moment, which was larger than the whole of Suja school. He reminded the students not to panic and remember the three safety measures displayed by the students of class XII during the World Earth Day; Drop, Cover and Hold. He reminded the students that such natural disasters could not be foretold but what we could at least do is to be prepared. Finally, he requested all to pray for the victims with pure heart.


Butter Lamps burning during the prayer session (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

Few hundred butter lamps were offered in the school for the speedy rebirth of those who had died and for a speedy recovery of the injured. Thus, the school religious teacher led the prayer session. There were many students who have their parents and relatives in Nepal. The entire school mourns the death of so many innocent people and shows support and solidarity with the people who were in deep state of despair

The school had offered similar prayer earlier for all the victims when such natural calamities hit somewhere. Thus educating the students the sense of brotherhood and oneness right in the school life.