Decoration on the wall by the staff; Director in the car (Photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

25th April 2015: A grand farewell dinner was hosted to the outgoing school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la and the incoming new Director of TCV School Suja, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la by the school welfare committee. Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la could not turn up due to the Farewell dinner extended to him at TCV Chauntra. The hall was beautifully decorated with words of praise for the school Director for his decade long service under various designations. It was a moment of joy both sweet and bitter, sweet because two members were promoted and we should be proud of, bitter because two of seasoned people; one director and the other Mr. Choegyal Tashi la, are leaving our institution.

Mrs. Tseten Youdon la, member of welfare committee began ice breaking activity by presenting 80s and 90s hindi songs and enliven the gathering. Gradually, she started passing the mikes and soon others joined and made everyone recall their youth once again. After that, the school staff band presented few of their songs dedicated to the Director. Mr. Tsering Ngodup la, the band member offered a scarf to Mr. Sonam Sichoe la, who in fact had given birth to the band and Mr. Choegyal Tashi la, who was promoted to the post of Headmaster at Lower TCV Dharamsala. Every one enjoyed their songs.


Words of praise for Gen Sonam Sichoe la, the Director ( Photo: Gen Lhakyi )

After the song, a brief function was arranged by the chairperson of the school welfare committee. After that various departments presented their souvenir and gifts to the Director. The school Principal handed over the presents to the Director on behalf of various departments. The school Principal gave his parting speech in which he wished him success for his new endevour. He said that we should be proud to have our school Director being appointed to the post of Education Director and Mr. Choegyal Tashi being appointed the new headmaster of Lower TCV Dharamsala. He also assured that he and the school would be always ready to extend help. A parting speech also came from the Director. He started his talk by sending our prayers to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and thanking all for the gifts and the support they have given. He also shared some of the happy and sad moments he and the school had passed through. He also said he was deeply touch by the love and concern showed by all during his unfortunate time. He requested everyone gathered there to discharge their duties with full dedication and sincerity. Finally, he offered scarf to each and every gathered there as a token of his love and gratitude. There was a moment of emotion which gradually thawed with the start of lively party games.


Phunde Band performing during the farewell dinner (Photo: Gen Lhakyi )

A dinner was served.  Representatives from all departments, all ladies clad in matching black chupa and orange shirt displayed the dishes on the table, prepared from the kitchen. After the director, Principal and the MC members, others soon followed. A couple of teachers shared their heartfelt feeling. They all spoke highly of the outgoing Director and wished him success and good health ahead. After the dinner, there were few rounds of party games which brought some glimmer and smile on everyone there. The final event of the night was the group circle dance (Gor-Shay) on the stage. The school Director also joined the circle dance and didnt leave any stone unturned in enjoying his last moment. Soon, everybody were seen dancing to the rhythm of the drum, which was nursed by Mr. Ackloe la. 

Mr. Sonam Sichoe la is an ex-student of TCV Upper Dharamsala. After completing his studies from Panjab University, he joined TCV Upper Dharamsala as a Mathematics teacher way back in 1980s. While teaching, he had also taken the responsibility of being the house master for a long time. Then in 1995, he joined TCV School Suja as the Principal when the school was in dire need of someone with a big vision. Since then, he had been taking the responsibility of the school Principal and brought good results. He had formally started the games committee and held the position of Chairperson for a long time. Towards the later stage, he had faced severe health problem which sent lots of fear and worry for all. Luckily, the support and the prayers pour in from everywhere especially by both the staff and students headed by the former Director brought him back to life in the nick of time. And then in 2013, he was promoted to the post of the school Director. Prior to this, he had been the officiating Director twice, which had made him even better choice for the school Director. And now, he has been further promoted to the post of Education Director of all TCV Schools. He is a person with good knowledge on Games and Sports, song and Music, Culture and tradition, Education etc. and as such a right choice for the post.