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The School Principal giving talk to the staff and students. Also seen is the school Religious teacher Rev. Tseten Wangchuk la leading the Manjushree prayer (Photo: Gen Pemtse )

15the April 2015: As a part of Lhakar celebration, the students and the staff members gathered in the school hall during the morning assembly for Principal’s presentation on His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s speeches and one minute meditation for a smooth and productive day. This program has been going on since 2013 when the Principal first joined the school. The day begins with the recitation of Manjushree prayer.

The school Principal welcomed all the new class XI students who had come from TCV Bylakuppee, TCV Selakui , TCV Suja and TCV Upper Dharamsala. He once again announced the three focus area of this year i.e. to create bully free school, no bunking and proper classroom teaching. He reminded the students to be good students and abide by the school discipline. After that he showed two video clips of His Holiness in which His Holiness was addressing a group of students in South India. In both the video clips, His Holiness was telling the young students to give importance to education. He also requested them to make the best use of one’s life and be a good human being. He said he preferred quality to quantity.

After the two video clips, the school Principal started the usual one minute meditation wishing for a smooth and productive day. After that everybody retired to their respective classrooms.

In the evening at 6:30 pm, all the staff members gathered in the school temple for a weekly mass prayer. During the prayer, a special mantra was chanted. As usual a butter tea and snacks was arranged by the staff welfare committee.