Junior Girls’ category Triral (Blue) Songtsen (White). Referee is signalling Jump ball. (photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

13th April 2015: The first Inter House basket ball tournament was kicked off yesterday at 4:15 pm with two opening matches in Girls’ Junior Category and Boys’ Inter Category. Due to the large number of students’ involvement, the tournament was following a knock-out system. Overall there are three main categories; Senior, Inter and Junior according to one’s index which was taken right from the beginning of the year. Both the boys and girls of the four Houses take part in the tournament. The tournament which involved so many people including the house masters, officials and the PET will last for little more than two weeks. The house masters had been giving practice and drill to their teams for the last one month. Before the tournament started, a considerable time and practice had been given to the students.


Triral House Player (Blue) taking his free shot. Inter Boys’ category (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

In the opening match, which was played between Songtsen House Junior Girls and Triral House Junior Girls, Songtsen won the match. In the match played between Triral and Trisong Inter Boys, Triral House defeated its opponent Trisong House by a small margin of basket.

Games and sports has become a very important part of education in our school. The school organizes various games and sport for the children according to the weather and climate. The spring season is for the basketball, volleyball, handball and football. These games and sports has also become an important assessment for the Non scholastic skill. As such both the students as well as the concerned teachers look into this seriously.

Inter House Basketball Tournament Fixture 2015

Inter House Basketball Tournament Fixture 2015