Gen. Tenzin Paldon la giving an insightful into the Day (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten la)

7th April 2015: A function was held in the school hall today to celebrate two important days namely World health Day and Earth Day which falls on 7th and 22nd April respectively. The function which was arranged in the school hall was attended by a group of Sponsors from Luxemburg, staff and students of the school.  Mrs. Yangdon Tsering la, one of the event organizer welcomed and wished everyone healthy World Health Day. After that Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, the other event organizer gave an introductory speech starting from why and how the two important days came into being.

drama hall

A drama on World Health Day by students of Class XII C ( Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

Speaking on the occasion, she said, “We are celebrating 7th April as World health Day to remember the first formation of World health Organization. You know it was found on 7th April 1948. Every year, the WHO chooses one theme and this year theme they have chosen is “How Safe is your Food – From Farm to Plate, make food safe”. April 22nd is Earth Day. We celebrate this after the renowned environmentalist Senator Gaylod Nelson, the founder of the Day”. She also shared one of US President Barack Obama’s statement, ” We can’t pretend we didn’t hear” which means it was high time we take care of the deteriorating condition of our mother Earth.


The members on the floor including the sponsors from Luxemburg (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

She also disclosed the theme of the Earth Day, i.e. “It is our turn to Lead”. After that Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, the Assistant headmaster gave a presentation on Food Safety with the help of his beautiful PowerPoint. During the presentation, he also talked about the famous Cancer train which plied between Bathinda and Bikaneer once.

The function was adorned with a insightful skit and a group song by the students of class XII C. The skit was well written, the performance was at par excellence and above all, the theme was like hitting the bull’s eye.

song hall

A group song by the students on World Health Day (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten )

The skit sent a strong message for audience to take care of our precious human life by consuming healthy food and avoiding junk food. The Tibetan group song was sung in unison by a group of 30 students and carried a message about environment.

In the afternoon, a painting contest was organized for the students of class VI, VII and VIII in the Junior school on the World health Day theme.


The two Organizers welcoming all the audience on World health Day (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

In the evening, the two organizers; Mrs. Yangdon Tsering and Tenzin Paldon had arranged a Quiz for the students of class IX and above. The quiz contest was anchored by Mr. Tenzin Dhondul, a senior Geography teacher. There were 7 rounds on 7 different topics ranging from Food Safety to Mental Health.  The school Principal was called upon on the stage to do the honour of disctributing prizes for the winners. The organizers thanked all the people who had extended their helping hand in making this whole day program a great success.