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Gen Ngawang Pelmo la explaining the significance of the Day (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

6th April 2015: The school observed today as Earthquake Day to remember the deathly earthquake that once shook the entire Kangra belt on 5th April 1905 killing many and destroying lots of property. There was a function on the basketball ground organized by the teachers and students of Class XII. Every year the school has been observing this day with various programs. The function began with an introductory speech from Miss. Ngawang Pelmo la, a PGT Geography teacher. She talked about the significance of observing Earthquake Day and the sad episode of the 1905 earthquake.


The skit show on Earthquake day (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

After that, the speakers who were all students of class XII were called on the stage one by one. They gave detailed information on earthquake by explaining the definition and the causes of the earthquake. They also showed some of parts both in the world and in India where earthquakes appeared most. The locations were divided into three categories on the basis of the intensity. India, they said Himalayan belt, where we stay right now, come under danger zone as two major plates lie.


Presenting Drop Cover Hold by the students (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

A small skit was presented by the students to show the things we have to keep in mind in times of earthquake. It began in one of the classroom. The skit gradually turned into an eye opener when Master Kalsang Tashi pointed out the mistakes committed by the students. He introduced to the audience the three important things to do – Drop Cover and Hold.


Students heading towards ground covering their heads (Photo: Gen. Ngawang Tseten )

Right after the skit, a real story of two earthquakes- one in Haiti and the other in Beijing was shared by two speakers. They said there wasn’t much we could do to avoid earthquake but we should follow the three important words. One of the stories was about the selfless sacrifice of a mother. In the earthquake that shook Beijing, a mother was found dead from the debris while covering her 3 months old baby so that she could save her baby. The story became a great sensation everywhere and sent a very strong message of mother’s undying love for their children. A song “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson was sung by the students. The song and the music was great feast for everyone’s ears. Everyone enjoyed the song and took the strong message their song had sent.


The students presenting “Heal the World” (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten )

Later a mock earthquake drill was done twice at the sound of a drum. At 10:45 am both the staff and students assembled on the basketball covering their heads. During the assembly, the monitors did the roll call and informed the missing students to the rescue operation, who at once started their search. Finally, Miss Ngawang Pelmo la concluded the program by reminding both the staff and students to be aware of the important things to minimize the casualty.