A group of Speakers from the Out-going class XII (Photo: Principal)

A group of Speakers from the Out-going class XII (Photo: Principal)

2nd April 2015: The present 2015 Class XII Humanities group led by Master Kalsang Tashi and his friends had arranged a program called “The Words of Note”, an evening of interaction and talk series by out-going class XII students in the school hall. There were 8 speakers from the out- going class XII and Mr. Ugyen Wangchuk la, alumni of UK Pestalozzi and TCV Suja. Present during the program were all the students of present 2015 class XII and the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la.

The beautiful program began with a welcome and introductory speech from the organizer master Kalsang Tashi, present class XII. He warmed up the actual talk series by showing a small video clip on motivation, which was followed by the talk series. Then one by one the speakers came forward and shared their personal experiences and wisdoms with the fellow students. They were all unanimous in requesting the students to study hard and make the best use of their school life. 

The audience who were all class XII students really felt their true love and sincere concern from their seniors through their parting words of wisdom. They were all moved by their talk. Although, the entire event lasted for a little more than 2 hours, there was no sign of fatigue and boredom shown from the audience. The organizers as well as the speakers had spiced up their presentations by showing inspirational clips in between. There were both humour and seriousness. The program had definitely made a big influence and set a very positive vibe among the students. This has also laid a foundation stone for others to follow.

The school Principal who was there throughout the event finally gave his views and highly praised both the organizers as well as the 9 speakers for such a great and sincere initiative. He thanked the organizers and the speakers and requested the students on the floor to keep the words of wisdom in their mind and start working on it.