Children enjoying the Mickey Mouse Slide (copyright Principal)

21st March 2015: TCV School Suja had its annual Spring Fete on 21st March 2015. The school basketball ground, the venue ground of the fete got jam packed right from the morning as the different stalls gradually began to open. Few thousand people including both staff and students, locals and people from various walks of life had gathered under the warmth of the spring sun. There were stalls from the four houses which served the food and drink. There were stalls from all the classes from Junior to senior. All the people gathered there had made the best use of their time enjoying the lovely music, games and the food.  There was also a Mickey Mouse balloon for the first time in the school for the small children. Apart from various games and fun at the stalls, the Games committee, which organized this spring fete, had arranged one Tambola game. In the mean time, winners of various lotteries and lucky baskets were drawn out. In the evening, the class teachers, house masters and the Department heads deposit their day’s income to the Games committee members.


Fun and Frolic: Basketball ground, the venue of the Spring Fete (copyright:Principal)

Every year the school organizes annual spring fete. This annual fete has been one of the major programs listed in the school calendar. This is the day when both the staff and students together contribute something towards the annual fund of the school Games Committee by opening various stalls. The entire fund from the fete goes towards procuring games instruments for the students.  Everybody, right from the students to the staff members work hard to produce a good collaborative income for the school. The commitment and the dedication was so strong that the preparation and the planning for the fete were done few days in advance. Apart from the fund, the school, through such program hopes to create a platform where students can develop skills and values like team work, leadership, responsibility and integrity etc.


His Holiness’ visit at Sherabling Monastery


The Giant Screen outside the main temple

The Giant Screen outside the main temple

11th March 2015: His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama paid two days visit at Sherabling Monastery on a request by His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche to inaugurate the school and to give lifelong empowerment for the followers. His Holiness spent two days there performing various teaching and religious programs.

TCV School Suja along with nearby Tibetan schools, settlements and monasteries attended the two days’ program at Sherabling Monastery. There were around few thousands devotees who had come to Sherabling for the special prayer. Devotees had come not only from the nearby places but also from far off places. Present on both the days were the three pillars of the Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala namely Judiciary, Ministers and Parliamentarians.

Two Days' ceremony at Sherabling Monastery

Two Days’ ceremony at Sherabling Monastery

After His Holiness was ushered into the main hall by His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche and the dignitaries, there were welcome speeches and presentation of various religious texts, starting from His Eminence Situ Rinpoche, Minister of Religion and the speaker of Tibetan People’s Deputy. Refreshment was served during the function. His Holiness addressed all the followers who had assembled there. He reiterated the importance of studying the holy Buddhist texts rather than keeping them on the altars.

On the second day, His Holiness gave lifelong empowerment to his followers. After the empowerment, a lifelong prayer (Tenshug) was offered to His Holiness by His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche. The two days’ religious program at Sherabling concluded with His Holiness and His convey heading back to Dharamsala, His abode.

Tibetan Uprising Day


Peaceful Protest March in the downtown Palampur

10th March 2015: The 56th Tibetan national Uprising Day was celebrated here in the school by both the staff and students. The function was held in Phuntsok Deshi hall. The function began with Tibetan National anthem and singing of Sum Chue Drenlu by the staff and students. The day is being observed in all the places where Tibetans reside. The day is a reminder for us the failed uprising of the 10th March in 1959 and since then Tibetans have been observing the 10th March. During the function, the Uprising day was introduced to the students followed by reading of the 10th march statement from honorable Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay and the Assembly of the Tibetan People’s Deputy. A minute silence and mourning was observed for the martyrs in Tibet. A long life prayer was arranged by the school for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who would be turning 80 years this year and for all the martyrs and their bereft family members.

Official function at Gandhi Maidan, Palampur

Official function at Gandhi Maidan, Palampur

After the school function, the staff members and the students of class XII joined the street procession at Palampur along with the leaders, monks, students and people from the nearby Tibetan settlements, schools and monasteries. There were different banners, Tibetan national flags and Buddhist flags etc hung on the vehicles, carried on the hands and worn on their faces. All the people gathered at the Palampur Gandhi square where a function was arranged by the Tibetan Representative Officers of Bir and Chauntra Tibetan colony. During the function, the statements of honorable Sikyong and Chitue were read. Tibetan National and Indian national anthem was sung in unison. The hour long function concluded.

TCV TPD and Curriculum Officer’s visit

9th March 2015: Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, TCV Teacher Development and curriculum Officer paid a short visit at TCV School Suja and met the all the teaching staff after the class. The main purpose of his visit was to share his valuable feedback on the previous year’s Teacher Professional Development activities and recommendations for further improvement. He gave his talk with the help of PowerPoint presentation reminding the teachers the purpose and rationale of the new paradigm shift in the field of teaching.

Through the observations gathered during his visit at various TCV Schools towards the end of the previous academic session, he requested the teachers to take note of the following points:

  • Follow the full cycle of Lesson Study
  • PGPs based on Problems, needs and Interest
  • Proper Documentation

He concluded his session by requesting all the teachers as well as the school heads to take this new paradigm shift to a higher level both in terms of quality and sincerity. The school will be devoting this March month for the teachers to set their Individual annual professional growth plan as well as their collaborative practices.

Parents’ Day and Choetrul Duchen

5th March 2015: A combined function was held in the school hall to mark the Parents’ Day and Choetrul Duechen. All the staff members and students gathered in the school hall at 9 am. The function began with the lifelong prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the offering of scarf by the staff members to the portrait of the late Gyalyum Chenmo Dickey Tsering. After that Gen Choegyal Tashi la introduced both the occasions. He began his talk with a special emphasis on the love and care of our parents. Speaking on the occasion, he said. “When we were born we were nothing but a lump of flesh. Today we have grown into handsome boys and beautiful girls, all because of the immense love, care and sacrifices of our parents. Sadly now a days, we have people who don’t feel the gratitude of their parents. So, today is the day when we think of our parents and fulfill their wishes”. He went into the history of how Parents’ Day came into being. He also lamented a brief biography of the late Gyalyum Chenmo, who is also regarded by His Holiness as the epitome of compassion.He also shared one speech given by Gyalyum Chenmo on the first Parents’ Day. After that Gen Ngawang Tseten la read the special Parents’ Day statement circulated by the Department of Education,CTA.. The function was followed by Son-Tsog by the staff members and students above class VIII. The prayer was led by the school religious teacher.

Parents’ Day is celebrated to celebrate the Birthday of Gyalyum Chenmo Dickey Tsering as a way to remember the sacrifices of our parents. It was first started in 1979 and since then it is being observed in Tibetan community.

School Opening Ceremony

2nd March 2015: The school Opening ceremony was held on 2nd March in the school hall instead of open stage owing to the unprecedented rain. The function was attended by the school Director, staff members, students and the parents. The Opening ceremony also coincided with the school’s first ever appearance for the class XII CBSE board exam and thus the function began with prayer and wishes for the class XII students and for a smooth academic year.

The school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la congratulated and welcomed everyone for a new academic session. He talked about winter programs of the school and the new goal for this academic year. He requested everyone to make the best use of the new session and work towards fulfilling the wishes of our leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After that the students who have excelled in their studies were given prizes by the school Director. Those who were also honoured during the function were the new members of Students’ Advisory Committee and the house masters.

The Opening ceremony concluded with the singing of both the Tibetan and Indian national anthem. The teachers and the students went to their respective classrooms and books were distributed soon after.

School Orientation-2015

2nd March 2015: Two Days’ Orientation for the school staff concluded successfully on 1st march 2015. The orientation which began on 28th February was hosted by the school Director, Principal and the headmaster for all the staff members before the new session started. During the orientation, the school Director gave a welcome speech and wished everyone a wonderful semester. He shared all the activities arranged by the school for those who stayed back in the school during winter holiday. He also shared some of the major resolutions passed during the EDRC and School Heads meeting. Short refreshment was arranged in between.

The school Principal began his presentation with a short video “Wise Talk for the Day” which was the most apt motivational video especially on the beginning of a new session. After that he went deeper into the Academic calendar and the resolution of the EDRC meeting. He made clear to all that this year’s focus would be on these three areas: Bully free, Classroom Instructional and Students’ Positive Discipline. The after lunch session was only for the teaching staff. The headmasters of both the sections distributed the time tables and Attendance registers to the class teachers.

The second day of the orientation started at 9 am in the school hall. It was attended by the teachers of both the sections. The session was taken by the school Principal. He presented various parts of the school diary 2015, going deeper into some of the major components like Assessment and Pass/Promotion criteria.

There was a welcome dinner hosted by the school welfare committee in the school hall for all the staff members in the evening.

Orientation is one of the most important event every year. It is the day when all staff members officially meet face to face for the first time after their long winter break. During the orientation, the staff members are introduced to the new staff members and new programs of the school.