Mrs Sonam Dolkar, the education director of TCV schools visited the school on the 16th and 17th of sept, 2014. The main focus of her visit was to supervise the facilities available in the school for the scholastic and co-scholastic programs and how good it is being utilized by the teachers. She expressed satisfaction and lauded the teachers and the administration for making proper and utmost use of the facilities availed.

She had a formal gathering with the teachers on 17th after the school hour. She reiterated on the ban of the corporal punishment as per the circulars received from CBSE. Further, the teachers were reminded thoroughly that there should be any cases of the sexual abuse and verbal abuse by the teachers and also among the students. The staff members are requested to take full responsibility that they should not leave any space for such cases to arise in the school.

She met the students of senior section in two groups separately and talked to them on the importance of education and discipline.