On 24th AND 25TH September 204, the school extended a very warm welcome to His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa Rinpoche on the occasion of TIBET OUR COUNTRY PROJECT DAY. The school band, the junior students and the staff were at the gate to welcome him while the senior students gathered on the basketball ground.


The program of the day started with the Welcome speech by the School Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la. It was followed by yet another brief and short speech by the head of the Tibetan Department stating on the aims and objectives of observing the Tibet our country day.

The school dance troupe performed a wonderful adapted opera on the life of Milarepa, Tibet’s most famous yogis. Later His Holiness paid a visit to the school junior hall where modals related to Tibet were put on display.


The morning program started with His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa speech to the students. He appreciated the efforts put by the students to prepare modals depicting the lives of Tibetans in all the three regions, its monuments and other important features. He specifically commended on the modals presenting the lives of nomads as the nomadic lives in Tibet are on the verge of extinction today under the brutal policy of the communist regime. Further, he detailed and stressed on the love and compassion by quoting interesting instances and reiterating its importance without which the world cannot really survive.

In the afternoon, he had a brief private audience with the staff members. He spoke very briefly on how vital it is to bring up the students in school by showering love to them as their parents since many students have left their parents far behind the Himalaya in Tibet. So, the staff members must seriously take this account while imparting education in the class and also to make them mentally feel at ease in the hostels and homes.

The staff members were further blessed to have a group photo with Rinpoche. The school feels extremely blessed and expresses its deepest gratitude to Him for making this visit possible.