SOS day celebration

TCV Suja, Celebrates SOS   Day 

Every year, the birthday of Dr.Hermann Gmeiner is celebrated as SOS day. On 23rd June, the school gathered for a function in the morning on the basketball ground. Mr. Ngawang Tseten, a senior social science teacher introduced the day highlighting  its importance  and  instilled  a feeling of gratitude towards this great philanthropist for his immense contribution to the society. The school director Mr. Sonam sichoe also stressed on the significance and need to contribute in every little way by the students to make the school a better place. For instance, by taking care of the school property and its surroundings. Thereby, when they grow up and leave the school, they could take along that attitude wherever that go and in whichever society they live. Such attitude of fellow feeling and a sense of belongingness would be of great benefit not just to oneself but also for others.

In the evening, the junior students gathered in the junior section hall for a sing a song night. The kindergarten students and the class 1 and 2 students presented songs and dances in Tibetan as well as in English language in remembrance of Dr Hermann Gmeiner. The children were later awarded prizes for their wonderful presentation.