27th September 2013: This year Tibet Our Country Day was observed on 27th September with little more vigor. His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche graced the day with his presence. There were Directors and Principals from nearby schools present for the occasion too. The function was held on the school basketball ground with everybody clad in pure Tibetan costume. The day began with the reception of Rinpoche and singing of our national anthem. During the function there was presentation of Dialectic by senior students, followed by songs by small children, Tashi Sholpa, a short Tibetan theatre and finally Tibetan Opera “Nangsa Woebhum”. To make the day even more auspicious, sweet rice and juice was given as refreshment for all the people gathered there. Before the guests were ushered towards the school hall for exhibition, Rinpoche addressed the gathering which consisted of not only staff members and students but also people from nearby Tibetan settlements and monasteries. Rinpoche thanked the school for the invitation and extended his words of apology for not being able to consent to various invitations sent. He highly praised the cultural programs presented by the students and in fact said that the Opera had brought him back his childhood days. He spoke on the importance of being good as a person and advised the students to put more efforts on education.

After the function, the guests were given reception for the lunch. A special traditional Tibetan dishes were prepared for both the staff and students in their respective dinning centers. After the lunch, the exhibition was inaugurated by the chief guest. The exhibition hall was filled with various models, charts and real life objects, all related to our country Tibet. Both the students as well as the Tibetan teachers had worked for few months laboriously for this great day!

In the evening, there was a 30 minutes short Tibetan drama by the students of class IX. The drama was about the degeneration of moral among the young generation. Through the medium of this drama, they aimed to enlighten the audience about the importance of preserving our rich and century old good moral and character. The drama was well received by everyone gathered that evening.

Finally, the school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la thanked the concerned Tibetan teachers as well as the students of class IX for coming up with such wonderful drama.