REPORT OF THE SCIENCE DAY 26th August 2013: 14TCV School Suja’s Science day was observed on 26th August in both Junior as well as Senior section. Keeping in mind the main theme of this year science Day, “ Water Conservation”, the science department of the school under the teachers arranged one talk during the morning assembly. A group of students from class IX and X under the guidance of their respective science teachers gave a great presentation of the topic Water Conservation.

Then the result of the caption contest held a couple of days back was read out and the winners were awarded by the school Principal. The school Principal talked about the importance of observing science day and imparting knowledge of science among Tibetan children.

After that the school Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la inaugurated the Science Exhibition, which consisted of students’ Models, charts, live demonstrations etc. The whole hall was fully packed with the students’ work, some of which were outstanding. Each stall was attended by two students who explained about their project. After the inauguration, the classes were taken to the Exhibition hall one by one by their respective teachers.

The students who were taken to the hall for watching the exhibition were all excited and interested and they interacted with the students who were explaining. Overall both the teachers as well as the students had worked so hard in advance and finally their hard work bore good result.


24th August 2013: The Second PTA meeting was held in Phuntsok Deshi hall on 24th August Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Parent teacher Association (PTA) which plays very important role in the overall development of students’ academic as well as moral development is present in various schools and regular meetings were held to discuss students’ performance.

Here at TCV School Suja, this was the 2nd meeting held this year. The meeting was attended by the school Principal, the Headmasters, the teachers and the parents and relatives of the students. A good number of parents and relatives had come from various places. The meeting was welcomed by Mrs. Pema Dickyi la, the chairperson of PTA. Her welcome was followed by the speech of the school Principal, mr. Karma Sherab la who explained the importance of parents’ making appearance on this meeting. He also gave a brief introduction on what teachers were doing for the improvement of students’ performance. He finally requested the concerned parents and relatives to talk with the concerned teachers about their children’s academic performance.

After that the class teachers and the subject teachers who were seated on chairs named according to their respective classes were met by the students’ parents and relatives. There was a candid discussion on each student by the respective teacher. The meeting lasted for little more than 2 hours and it was done very seriously.


19th August 2013: The Inter House Football tournament began today at 4 pm right after the class. The knock-out tournament began with the Junior category. Both the house masters as well as the students had been practicing for this competition for the last few days. As usual there was a Girls’ open team from each four houses.

The tournament which began today would end 28th of this month when the best teams would be playing for the overall winner’s trophy. Each day two matches were played and the winners were moved on to the next round.

Out of all the co-curricular activities that the school host, Football tournament involves a handsome number of students participating and carries huge point which makes difference in the houses fight for the final Cock house position.


Participating teachers with the two officers and the school Principal ( Photo:

Participating teachers with the two officers and the school Principal ( Photo:

17th August 2013: First ever teacher-led collaborative learning program was kicked started at TCV School Suja with initiative from the Department of Education led by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, the Education officer of Social Science and Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la, the Education Officer of Science and mathematics.

The officers had come all the way from Dharamsala to initiate this nobel move. The Collaborative learning program was about sharing ideas and reflection on one particular book titled, “ What Did You Ask At School Today” written by Dr. Kamala V. Mukunda. There were a group of 25 teachers who were all given one book each. The first day of the meeting was held in the school Multi Media room in the presence of the school principal, Mr. Karma Sherab la.

The groups were divided into groups which were assigned chapters to read. The groups were given names according to the great persons who had done research on various subjects related to teaching. The dates were set on which each group would share their presentation with others.

This sort of Collaborative learning was much talked about everywhere but it was first time done at TCV School Suja. Both the administrator as well as the participating teachers was motivated to make this program a successful one. The program would be carried on till 18th October which would be the dateline to submit individual as well as group report.


15th August 2013: The school remained closed to mark the host country India’s Independence Day. It was the day when India got its Independence from the British Raj and it was a day to celebrate as well to remember the Indian martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for their country.

It was also a day for the Tibetans to think about our country which has been occupied by the red Chinese. It was also a wake up call for all the Tibetans to unite and fight for our country.

In the evening, the students’ Tibetan Department had arranged one program to mark the day. The hall was nicely decorated and there were few speakers including both students as well as social teacher Gen. Ngawang Tseten la. The program began with the screening of a documentary showing the Indian freedom struggle and great heroes and heroines. The speakers then presented their talk one by one by making connection with our Tibetan freedom struggle. Gen Ngawang Tseten la requested the students to work hard for our country. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “ Even if you study with sincerity and dedication, you are contributing for freedom struggle”. His talk was received well by the audience and they were fully inspired and motivated.

The program was very successful and it really reminded everyone there to think and work for our freedom struggle.


22nd July 2013: The Summative I Examination for the year 2013 began on 22nd July everywhere in TCV Schools all over India. The classes which come under this summative I were classes from III to XI excluding IX and X whose paper had been started a couple of days ago.

As per the rule of CCE under CBSE, the annual assessment is divided into 2 major assessment i.e Summative I which falls in July and Summative II which falls in December both of which carries 30 marks each.

The question paper were prepared by one school and distributed to all the other TCV Schools. Each school takes it turn to set the question paper. The checkings are also done in common in their respective schools except for class X, which is done by class X teachers from various TCV Schools.

Like other schools, TCV Suja took that assessment very seriously. Both the teachers as well as the students had prepared seriously in advance for this assessment.