Gyutoe Khenpo giving Tara’s Long life Empowerment in the month of Saka Dawa ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Ngawang Tseten la)


Geshe la giving Tara’s Empowerment to the audience ( Photo Courtesy: gen Ngawang Tseten la)


Lord Buddha giving His sermon ( Photo Courtesy: Google image)

18thMay 2013:  The abbot of Gyutoe Tantric Institute from Sidhbari near Dharamsala gave  Lifelong empowerment of Tara ( jetsun Dolma). The abbot of Gyutoe, Chatur Rinpoche arrived at TCV School Suja on 17th May as per request by the school Director and the Principal and he was given a warm reception by the staff and students accompanied by the school band.

During his Tara Empowerment, he gave a detailed introduction of the auspicious Saka Dawa month and talked about the importance of cultivating as many positive deeds as possible in this auspicious month.  He also advised the younger generation to pay attention to the Tibetan Buddhism and cultivate the compassion, selflessness and charity. The empowerment lasted for little more than 2 hours after which he gave personal audience to all the people gathered there.

The month of Saka Dawa commenced today. Saka Dawa is a very auspicious month for all the Buddhist all over the globe because the month is related to Lord Buddha’s 4 auspicious deeds; Birth, Renunciation, enlightenment and Death.

Buddhists all over the globe believe that all the merits cultivated in this month are doubled and all the bad deeds are doubled likewise. During the month of Saka Dawa, the Buddhists abstain from eating meat and indulging in all the evil deeds. They conduct long prayers, visit monasteries, give charities, observe fast etc.

Here in school, both the staff and students read the holy scriptures “ Kagyur and Tengyur” in small groups. The staff members gather in the school temple to do special prayer in the evening. The light long Dolma prayer “ Dolma Tsendon” is held in the school hall.