The students practising Drums and Cymbals for Opera ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Pema Choekyi la)


A group of students practising the Opera dance with their mentor from TIPA ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Pema Choekyi la)


The girls dancing before their mentor from TIPA in the Girls’ Basketball Court ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Pema Choekyi la)


The school Sound Incharge Mr. Jampa Ngawang la interacting with his mentor Tenzin la from TIPA ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Pema Choekyi la)

6th May 2013: As per the resolution passed by the school Games Committee meeting last year about the start of Opera competition among the four houses, the school Director cum the chairperson of the Games committee Mr. Sonam Sichoe la had officially requested the Director of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) to send their artist mentors. So, a group of 10 artists comprising of four females and 6 males reached Suja on the 6th of May. A short notice meeting was called among the housemasters and there after a plan was chalked out.

Two artist one male and one female were assigned to the four houses. One artist took the charge of the musicians and the tenth person was given the charge of the school sound system. All the 10 artists were fully trained and had know how of all the cultural dances, songs and operas. Both the house masters as well as the students were forever ready to walk this new path, despite these petty problems which normally would crop up.

The artist had been here for a week, during which they would be starting from the scrap as TCV Suja unlike other sister schools had not yet begun performing the Opera. The timely help from the TIPA came as a blessing and very soon the students of TCV Suja would be performing this Opera “ Nangsa Woebum” soon.

Unlike the usual song and dance where large students could participate, this Opera had created a platform for even larger group of students. Since the coming of the artists from TIPA with their ever tantalizing melodies, the students developed good interest in practicing their high pitch singing. The practice session started after lunch when students would be free especially during this time of the year.

First Tibetan Spelling Bee


The twenty participants taking the Spelling Bee ( Photo Courtesy: Gen NgawangTseten la)


The Senior Tibetan Spelling Bee ( Photo Courtesy: Gen NgawangTseten la)

6th May 2013: The first Tibetan Spelling Bee was held in the school hall at 7 pm under the Tibetan Department. The contest was between class VI, VII and VIII. And there were 20 students whose names were announced randomly from each class. The words which included from simple two words to 4 words were already given in huge number.

During the contest, the host Mr. Jigme Wangdue la showed a small video which depicted the problems caused by miss-spelt words. The Tibetans teachers gave the words one by one starting from the easy, then to the difficult ones. The participants one by one gave their correct spelling. The contest went even tougher when all the selected words finished. Later, more words came in and finally after a little tough and stiff competition, Thupten Dolma of class VIII C came out as this year’s Bee Champion and Tsering Lhakyi of class VIII A came as runners up.

The whole program lasted for little more than an hour. The members on the floor also made the best use of their time by scribbling down the words as the Bee masters read out the words one by one.

From this Spelling Bee, it was found that the students were doing great in the Tibetan Spelling which was a great way of improving the Tibetan subject.

Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam Peltsok’s Two Days’ Visit


Dr. Chok talking on Enzymes to both the staff and students in the hall ( Photo Courtesy: Gen NgawangTseten la)

3r May 2013: Dr. Chok, the Head of the Translation and Buddhist Studies, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) paid two days’ visit. During his two days’ visit, he gave talk on Enzymes to both the staff and students. Dr. Chok, who is holding Doctorate degree in Buddhist  philosophy had spent few years studying about Enzymes which plays very important role in reducing so many environmental problems if every household starts making their own enzymes with the least dependence on chemical products. He has been visiting various nearby schools to share his knowledge.

The students of above class VII attended his talk on enzymes. During his talk, which was done with the help of nice PowerPoint presentation, he shared few of his math puzzles and tricks which made the students more interested. After the talk he gave Question & Answer session. The students asked their doubts and everything thing went well.

The same day, he gave the same talk to the school Environment Club and the home mothers and wardens and encouraged them to make their own garbage as well as Drinking Enzymes. The members were inspired by how a small contribution could help preventing so many environmental problems and how this small project could relate to the Buddhist principal of helping others.


Dr. Chok interacting with the Tibetan Teachers ( Photo Courtesy: Gen NgawangTseten la)

As a well read, well exposed person and translation head, he gave exclusive talk to the Tibetan teachers during which he talked about the teaching of Tibetan in Tibetan schools. As a small personal contribution towards the less number of Tibetan story books available in Tibetan schools, he presented his 4 small children’s illustrated Tibetan story books and encouraged the teachers to publish such books in future. Dr. chok is in the middle of his project of translating 25 Children’s Illustrated English Story books into Tibetan in collaboration with the Central Book Trust (CBT).

During his talk which lasted for little more than an hour, he interacted with the Tibetan teachers in a very constructive way. The teachers also shared their personal opinion and their teaching problems and strategies.