Sudoku Competition and winners being awarded during the morning assembly with Mr. Marc

The month of April is Mathematics month at TCV School Suja. The members of the Maths Department come up with various activities related to maths in order to inculcate genuine love and interest in this subject. In both the Junior and Senior sections, the teachers in turn fill up the display boards with maths puzzles, Quiz, Questions & Answers, biographies of great mathematicians etc.

Students solving the puzzle ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Ngawang Tseten la)

Students solving the puzzle ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Ngawang Tseten la)

During the morning assembly, the Maths Department organized mass Sudoku contest and Mental calculation competitions. Those who won in these contests were handsomely rewarded during the assembly by the school Principal himself. The school principal highly praised the initiative taken by the faculty members. Speaking on the occasion, he said, ” Through these activities, one can see whether one has some gifted talents in Math subject. If you get well in this activity related to maths, you should excel yourself and appreciate your strength. By the way its very important for you to know your own strength and use that strength in moving forward and pursuing in that particular field”. Besides that the teachers talk on the life history of some of the great personalities in this field.

This year unlike the previous years, all the calender months are divided into various subjects. Each subject was allotted specific month during which both the teachers as well as students give special attention on that particular subject.

Senior Tibetan Debate


Senior Tibetan Debate with Mr. Rigzin Choeden as the chairperson

23rd April 2013: The First Senior Tibetan debate was held in Phunstok Deshe hall at 7 pm on 23rd April. The topic for the debate was ” Language can represent that nationality”. The topic was well received by the audience as during the calculation time, so many volunteers came from the floor and aired their views on that topic.

The chair person Mr. Rigzin Choeden la unveiled the curtain and welcomed all. He called upon the judges one by one. There were 12 speakers from classes VI, VII, VIII and IX., out of which six speakers spoke in favour of the motion and the other six spoke against the motion. The speakers were called upon one by one. They all had prepared well and put forward their arguments one better than the other.

The debate lasted for more than an hour. At the end the results were declared; first class positions and then individual position. The Assistant headmaster Mr. Ngawang Thupten la gave away the prizes to the winners and consolation prizes to the rest of the speakers.