People Strolling the stroll. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Tayang la)


The school Annual Spring Fete( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Tayang la)

The school Annual Spring Fete( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Tayang la)

16th March 2013: The school annual Spring Fete was held on the basketball ground as usual. Thousands of people including the staff members, students and local Tibetans and Indians filled up the small basketball ground and strolled around various stalls which were owned by various classes and Departments.  The small basketball ground was overflowing with the sound, cheer, laughter and music. The fete started at around 9 and remained open till 7 pm.

Annual Spring fete is held in all the TCV Schools and is normally organized by the school Games Committee. Different schools have different style. TCV Suja has been giving stalls to various classes under the leadership of respective class teachers. The two main stall i.e. Food stall and Tea stall are reserved for the four houses turn by turn. Various Departments also come up with their own stalls.

The entire profit from this Spring Fete will be spent on school Cultural and Games activities for the new academic session.  Because of this noble way of contributing to the school, everybody looks into this day with lots of preparation and excitement in advance. This is also the day when all the staff and students work together to make handsome profit and the local people, parents and guidance show their support by making their presence.

Every year, the day ends with Tambola. This year the Games Committee had also arranged one Tambola, where people of all ages could take part. In between the Tambola, the results of the class lottery, lucky Draw, Lucky Basket, weighing the cake etc were read out and the winners were presented their prizes in the presence of loud applause.