Suja Staff members singing ” Phunda Tso” ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Ten Palbar)


Suja Staff with the school Band. ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Ten Palbar)


10th March Uprising function at school ( Photo Courtesy: Gen Monlam la )

10th March Uprising Function at palampur. (Pic Courtesy:

10th March Uprising Function at palampur. (Pic Courtesy:


Mr. Thakur Gulab Singh lighting the butter lamp at Chauntra on the occasion of 10th March Uprising Function ( photo courtesy:

A grand function was held in the school to mark the 54th Tibetan Uprising at 8:30 am. The staff members in pure Tibetan costume and the students in school uniform gathered and sang the Tibetan national anthem followed by one minute mourning for the martyrs who had laid their precious lives for our country. The school Director read the 10th March of Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay la and the Headmaster read the 10th March statement of Chitue. After that Mimang langlu and Sumchue Drenlu was sang in unison.

After that the students below class IX stayed in the school for prayer and monlam for world peace and for our Tibetan martyrs. In the mean time, the staff members and class X students went to Chauntra and joined the function which was attended by Thakur Gulab Singh and other members of Local Indian bodies. The function was attended by members of Tibetan assembly, Representative Officers of the three Tibetan colonies, members of various NGOs and hundreds of Tibetans from the nearby Chauntra, Bir and Tashi jong.  Mrs. Juchen read the 10th march statement of Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay la and the Representative Officer of the Dege Division read the 10th March statement of members of Tibetan parliament. After that the chief guest Mr. Thakur Gulab singh, who made his presence at the last moment due to his own preoccupation due to the Maha Shiv Ratri, addressed the gathering and assured the support of the Indian people. He also wished all the best in our struggle. The function lasted for more than an hour. The CD of recent self Immolations inside Tibet and traditional scarf was presented by Mrs. Juchen Kunchok, member of Tibetan Assembly. The function ended with the singing of Indian national Anthem.

Right after the function, all the Tibetans proceeded towards Palampur, where there was the final function. The Tibetans raised slogans and recited prayers in the streets of Palampur. The function was held at Gandhi Maidan in Palampur. There were so many Indian dignitaries as well as quite a number of Indian public. The function had seen various inspirational and encouraging speeches from the Indian dignitaries. More Tibetans had gathered there in the scorching sun. The Representative Officer of Nagchen Division, Mr. Tenzin Rabga la read the 10th March Statement of Kalon Tripa in Hindi. During the program, the staff members of TCV Suja presented two patriotic songs namely “Phunda Tso and Hum Hoge Kamayab”.  Mrs. Tsering Lhamo la, the Representative Officer of Bir Tibetan Colony gave a final vote of thanks and the function concluded with the singing of Indian National Anthem.

Back in the school, a film titled “Sarafina” was shown to both the staff members and students on the basketball at 6:30 pm with a brief introduction of the film by Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, a Social Science teacher. The film was about the struggle of African under the time of Apartheid. The movie lasted for little more than an hour.