480352_4943547059203_1393206996_nIMG_06544th March 2013: The two days recording of the students’ Index began today on the basketball ground. The Indexing, as usual was carried out by the school Games Committee members comprising of house masters and PETs. On the first day, all the students of Senior section was called on the ground class by class and their heights and weights were recorded. They were finally divided into 4 divisions; Sub Junior, Junior, Inter and Senior.

Measurement of index is considered very important and as such it is done right from the beginning of the new academic session because all the co-curricular activities held among the four houses were based on these four divisions. Students below class II are exempted from this index.

TCV Overall Index Measurement and Division:

Sub Junior Boys     – Below 160               Sub Junior Girls   – Below 157

Junior Boys         – 160 – 182                     Junior Girls        –  157 – 177

Inter Boys         – 182 – 210                         Inter Girls      – 177 – 199

Senior Boys     – 210 and Above               Senior Girls   –  199 and Above