Students presenting Dialectics. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

Geshe la unvieling the book by Shawo Choeten. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

17th October TCV Suja: To mark the 5th anniversary of His Holiness’ conferment of Congressional Gold Medal along with the auspicious Lhakar Celebration, TCV School Suja observed the day by arranging one Dialectic presentation and the unveiling of a book named, “ Tsengung ki Mekay”, which was published by master Shawo Choeten.

Geshe Lhakdor la, the Head of the Library of Tibetan Work and Archives graced the occasion by being the chief guest. The function began with the offering of butter lamp to the altar followed by the recitation of prayer of Manjushree, the Goddess of Wisdom. After that Rev. Thupten Jamyang la, the religious teacher of Junior section gave an introductory speech while thanking everybody especially the chief guest. He mainly spoke about the historical background about the Dialectic practice and the importance of cultivating and imbibing such rich tradition among the Tibetan schools. After that, there was a dialectic presentation by few students, both from the Junior as well as senior section. After that the chief guest, Geshe Lhakdor la addressed the gathering reiterating the request and wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He also advised everybody especially the concerned religious teachers to employ scientific knowledge. Right after Geshe las unveiled the book published by master Shawo Choeten, a class X student. After that Shawo Choeten called upon all the teachers who had taught him and gave each his new book.

Geshe Lhakdor la giving Talk to the Teachers. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

There was also an exclusive talk by Geshe La to all the teachers in Phuntsok Deshi hall. This was his third visit and third talk to the teachers here at TCV School Suja. During his first visit, he talked on the appropriateness of Buddhism in this 21st century. During his second visit, he talked on Meditation. Today’s talk was about the quality of a teacher not just from the Buddhist view but from the western point of view. Geshe is someone whose talk is normally based on his experience and modern instances, which make him well, understood by his listeners especially the western students. Today’s was well listened to and digested well by all the teachers. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “We are just like strangers who have just few days left on this world, so how would you choose to live in these few days? No doubt we will live harmoniously, helping each other and in a meaningful way. Nobody will ever live in chaos. So, we have to use this precious human life in a meaningful way, make sure that you grow spiritually”. During his talk, he also quoted a famous saying may be from Robin Sharma who said, “When you come on this world, you cry and others laugh. Now make sure that when you die, you smile and others cry”. What he meant to say was that we have to live a life by making some difference to other people. Geshe la requested the teachers to be compassionate, which is one of the ten qualities of a good teacher. There was lots of wisdom and insight in his talk. Finally he ended his talk by thanking all the teachers for their wonderful community and nation building work.