Class IV Drama Cinderella. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

Class IV Drama Cinderella. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

The class IV English Drama presentation coincided with the arrival of the CBSE inspection team in TCV School Suja. So, the one and only Children’s Popular fairy tale ” Cinderella” was presented by the students of class IV with the help of English teachers of class IV in the Junior school hall in the presence of two CBSE inspection team. Both the teachers and students spent lots of time rehearsing and practicing the drama so that they would present a good one. The dream of both came true when the play went successfully on the final day. The scene was nice and the characters played their part really well in spite of their age.

The group photo of the students with their English teachers. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

Drama in session. ( Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

CBSE Inspection team with the school Principal and the Headmaster enjoying the Class IV Play ” Cinderella”. (Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la)

The drama which lasted for little more than an hour was much liked and appreciated by the audience comprising of both the students and staff of Junior section. The characters had not left any stone unturned in giving their best, whose credit of course goes to the teachers who had been always with them for their perfection.From the play, they were able to disseminate the message that even a mere servant can be a great person in the end.

One thing that every body present there would take away was the strange incident that happened in between the play. It was the  part where there was a big handmade rat crawling into the castle and from no where a dog appeared on the stage in the middle of the play, mistaking the big rat to be some other dog and starting barking and attacking. At that moment the whole audience could not help themselves from giving a hearty laugh. The one who was in the rat costume must have a tough time when the real dog started barking, thank God some one on the stage shoe away the dog.

The narrator cum the announcer did her part very well in narrating the flow of the play with proper  pronunciation and voice volume. Finally they thanked all the people who were responsible for the smooth flow of this play.