Cross country Race Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Tseten youdon ( Facebook)

Inter House Cross Country race was flagged of by the school Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la in the midst of few thousand spectators comprising of both staff and students on the ocassion of Gandhi Jayanti. There were total of 120 runners, 60 each from the four different houses namely Triral, Trisong, Nyatri and Songtsen. All the house runners had been practicing this race for the last few weeks every day after regular classes.

In the midst of much hue and color which had been overflowing, the race began with the Girls’ Open which covered a distance of 4.5kms across the narrow lane of Suja village. There were lots of excitement and anxiety among the faces of not only the runners but all the spectators as well. After few minutes of silence which prevailed when the runners had left the ground, the same cheering gained momentum when the bike pilot appeared on the ground from one side along with the first runner, the runner from Nyatri House Miss Tsering Lhatso, who looked little less tired. She completed the entire course within 20:19 minutes breaking her own previous record.

School Director starting the Race. Photo Courtesy Mrs. Tseten youdon ( Facebook)

Right after the Girls’ Open, the Boys’ Open race began in the same round of cheering and applause. The moment the race was flagged off by the school Director, the entire spectators’ encouraging sounds started overflowing the entire football ground, where the race was taking place. There was again few minutes of tense and excitement among the spectators as to who would come first this year. he house masters as well as the house monitors and volunteers were running here and there just to get a glance of the first runner. After little more than half an hour, the same cheering and shouting was brought back and this time Triral House Runner, Master Passang appeared from the entrance and the whole people in blue Jersey jumped and shouting with full joy. Passang was responding to the spectators by waving his hands and taking eye contacts and surprisingly, he was the same boy who came first last year. His new timing was 34 minutes. Right after him, runners from various houses came one after another and they were escorted to their respective house tents by their volunteers.

The first position ofboth the Boys’ and Girls Open Cross Country race was bagged by Nyatri House, which meant 24 points would be awarded to the overall points of Nyatri House Boys and Girls during the coming Inter house Athletics Meet to be held on 6th October.