TCV Education Director’s Visit

Mrs. Sonam Dolkar la, the Education Director of TCV Schools visited TCV Suja, while on her short official visit at TCV Chauntra. It was her first visit after taking the charge as the new Education Director of TCV Schools. While she was here, she was taken on a short school campus tour by the school Principal. She gave a very friendly talk to all the teaching staff on the morning of Friday in Phuntsok Deshi hall. The school principal, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la gave a brief introduction of Mrs. Sonam Dolkar la. During her talk, she mentioned that she was highly impressed by school and thanked the staff members. She spoke about her lessons in life and lovingly touched some of the major issues regarding the teaching of children. Her talk was short and timely and all the teachers, some of whom had been her own students, listened attentively as the seasoned woman spoke in her soft voice. After her brief talk, she also entertained some questions from the teachers. Finally, the school principal thanked her on behalf of all the staff and assured her that the school would always live to her expectation.

Tibet Our Country:

Tibet Our Country Day was observed on ……… at TCV School Suja. Prior to the main function, both the staff and students, who had clad in full traditional attire welcomed His Holiness photo, which was being brought by the members of Tibetan Department. The chief guest, Mr. Kunphen Sharling, offered scarf to the altar and lighted butter lamp for all the Tibetan martyrs.

Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la, the head of the Tibetan Department began the function with his welcome speech and Rev. Thupten Jamyang gave the back ground information and the importance of observing this day in TCV Schools. This was followed by the singing of Tibetan national anthem and observing of 2 minutes’ silence in remembrance of the great sacrifices by our martyrs.

After that the classes from the junior section presented their topics one by one. There were pure traditional refreshments in between the program. The chief guest unveiled the Tibetan exhibition room, where models of different classes were displayed.  The program also presented a traditional wedding ceremony of central Tibet.

In the evening, a drama was shown by the students of class IX, highlighting the plight of the Tibetan students crossing the Himalayas just to get an audience with his Holiness and a good modern education. The drama was well appreciated by the audience.

Talk by Mrs. Dolkar Wangmo la and Mr. Vinayak

A talk was arranged in Phuntsok Deshi hall in two shifts as per the recommendation from the Education Director, TCV Dharamsala for the teaching staff and the students of class IX and X. The school principal gave a small intoroduction of Mr. Vinayak. Mr. Vinayak, an ex-TCVian and an advocate at the local Zonal District court, Dharamsala talked about the legal aspect of corporal punishment to the teaching staff for a little more than an hour and after that there was a question answer session which was effectively used by the teachers. Since his talk was from the legal status and IPC, all the teachers were made aware of all the clauses and verdicts on corporal punishment.

The second talk was by Mr. Dolkar Wangmo la, the present head of the counselor, Department of education, Tibetan Administration. She talked about the ethical and Buddhist perspective on the corporal punishment. During her talk she just mentioned some of her experience as a long time teacher, administrator and as a counselor. She strongly urged the teachers to find some other means to create discipline among the children, other than corporal punishment. After her talk, there was question answer session which was used by the teachers. Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Dolkar Wangmo la gave talk on career to the students of class IX and X.

This talk series were arranged by the Education Director, TCV Dharamsala to all the nearby TCV Schools to disband the system of corporal punishment.

A week Long Workshop For Mothers

A week long workshop for home mothers was conducted at TCV School Suja, initiated by the Head of the Mother’s Training, TCV Dharamsala. All the home mothers at TCV Schools have undergone Mother’s training at TCV Dharamsala before being assigned that post in various TCV school. Keeping in mind the important role home mothers play, especially in boarding schools like TCV, the Head of Home Mother’s Training, Mrs. Kalsang la had organised this week long workshop covering various topics and arranging various resource persons. The school director, Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la gave an opening speech on the workshop. The week long workshop also dealt with the Woman empowerment, which has been given importance everywhere. Through this workshop, the organizer aimed to create a better parenting skills among the TCV schools home mothers. Some of the resource persons were Dhadon Sharling, Vice president of Tibetan Women’s Association, Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, Director of TCV Upper Dharamsala and many more. During the workshop, various activities were arranged which was liked by everyone attending the workshop.