His eminence Gyalwa Karmapa Having lunch

His Eminence Gyalwa Karma pa

This year staff day was different from previous Staff Days because this special day was enliven by the presence of His Eminence Gyalwa Karma pa Rinpoche, who was in the school to initiate  a special prayer called “ Phurab Choegya”as per requested by the school. Gyalwa Karma pa reached TCV School Suja on 3rd September on a special four days’ stay.

Keeping in mind the present plight of our brothers and sisters in Tibet and to show our solidarity, the usual fun and frolic day was reduced to mere function.  But the day became even more memorable because of the presence of Gyalwa Karma pa Rinpoche. The function was presided by the school captain and prefects, who had been arranging everything for the past few days. The day began with the singing of our national anthem followed by prayer of Truth by the school choir. There was also Tashi Sholpa and tribute song. Finally, His Eminence Karma pa wished all the staff members Happy Staff Day. The school Captain Master Karma Choedak la gave a vote of thanks and the staff members were ushered to the junior section hall, where everything from refreshment to games were arranged well in advance.

Staff and Students extending a warm reception to Karma pa

Gyalwa Karma addressing a gathering of Suja Staff Members

As usual the organizing teams had arranged lots of activities like basket ball, party games etc. to entertain the staff members. One of the main attractions of the day was the decoration of the hall, where the staff members were ushered for refreshments and meals. So, the only word all the staff members came out from their mouths was “WOW”. The junior school hall which used to be a small hall looked like a big hotel!  The staff members could not help themselves from taking pictures of the decorations over there, especially the one where dishes were presented. And it shocked everyone when it was announced that the lunch was sponsored by Gyalwa Karma pa’s monastery itself.

His Eminence Gyalwa Karmapa also came to the hall and had his lunch along with all the staff members. Everybody was so honored to have Gyalwa Karmapa Himself having the same lunch with others. That was the greatest gift and blessing for everyone on this Staff day.

In the evening, the organizers had arranged one evening program in the senior hall starting from the video messages of various senior classes and former students. Gyalwa Karma Rinpoche also attended the evening program like any other staff member of this school. There was a rich variety of programs.

Staff Members Playing during Staff Day

This year Staff Day was unique. With the end of this Staff Day,His Eminence Gyalwa Karmapa’s stay in Suja came to an end. He stayed in SUja for three solid days after coming directly from Dehradun. The whole Suja was blessed by His presence.