Students’ Dialectic Group Congregation 31st August

A group of around 80 school children from the North zone Tibetan schools comprising of Sambhota,CST and TCV visited TCV School Suja on 31st morning along with their mentor cum Religious teachers and presented 3 dialectic sessions on three subjects namely Social, Science and Mathematics.

The school Principal Mr. Sonam Sichoe la gave an introductory speech, which was followed by the offering of traditional Tibetan scarves to both the students and their Religious Teacher, who had been accompanied by Mr. Tsering Samdup la, Head of the Tibetan Department, Sambhota school. After that Mr. Tsering Samdup la thanked TCV School Suja for the kind hospitality extended. He then gave a back ground information about this congregation. Finally, he called on three schools, TCV Ladakh, TCV Lower Dharamsala and Peton Model School to present their dialectics.

As per His Holiness’ vision to apply this Buddhist Dialectic in various Tibetans schools to enhance the art of reasoning in various academic subjects, there has been strong move in various Tibetan schools.Almost all the schools have started applying this method in various academic subjects. Sambhota Tibetan Department Head Mr. Tsering Samdup la had initiated this congregation and they gathered at Sambhota school, Chauntra. From there, students were taken to various nearby schools and presented their debates during the morning assembly.

The students from various Northern Tibetan schools as far as TCV ladakh had been called so that both the students and the Religious teachers could discuss and share their views how each school apply this technique in various academic subjects.

After the gathering, the participants were taken for a brief school tour followed by breakfast in the school hall.