Leaning against the back of the chair with a graceful composure Phendok of VIII C after winning the coveted position of winner was flaunting her confidence while comfortably observing the on going tussle between her opponents who were struggling to secure the runner up position in the spelling contest.

The scene is the part of the enthralling spelling competition that took place in Phuntsok Deshi Hall of TCV School Suja on 28th August which has virtually glued the whole audience for almost two hours through its fascination.

The contest that was categorized in three rounds, namely Easy, Medium and Hard round was participated by three students from every sections of class VII and VIII making the total strength of participants to 33 students. Each student was to spell the given words correctly that was given by the Bee Master to qualify each round.

The competition that was drawn little bit longer than other activity due to the tough competition among the contestants was  brought to the end  and when Lodhen of VIII F  could crowned himself as runner up of the contest  by spelling the  given word correctly, when his competitor failed to do so.

As the organiser said, the competition was indeed a different learning platform in real sense  , where students not only perform but they also unleash and exhibit themselves  through a livelier atmosphere of learning which is very different from the monotonous and traditional class room atmosphere.