O/C Poetry Recitation 25th August

The long awaited O/C Poetry recitation concluded on 25th August evening in Phuntsok Deshe hall. Beside the school Principal and Headmaster, there were both staff and students. The O/C English teachers with the help of students had made a wonderful stage decoration with the names of trees found in TCV Suja and the symbols of poems various classes would recite. The chairperson Mrs. Tenzin Lhakyi la gave an introductory speech and called the classes one by one. She had called upon three experienced English teachers from Junior Section as three honorable jurist.

 There were 4 O/C IIs and 4 O/C Is making it 8 different classes taking part in this Poetry contest. The poetry recitation began with a loud applause from the audience. The students had come up in different assessories related to their poems. They were also very sincere and there was sweet innocence in everyone’s face despite their height.

The program lasted for little less than an hour. And finally the results were declared and prizes were given by the school Principal Mr. Sonam Sichoe la.

Science Exhibition 14th August

The Science day was observed on 14th August in both Junior and Senior Section. On the morning assembly Mr. Tenzin Tsewang la, a science teacher gave talk on science. His talk covered three parts of science i.e What is Science, Why do we learn science and why do teachers teach science. His talk was short, sweet and lively.

After the talk classes were taken to the school hall Phuntsok Deshi one by one to see the exhibition displayed. There were so many working modals prepared by students from both the sections. The exhibition was unveiled by Mr. Tashi Topgyal la, the Head master of Junior school. The science teachers also gave marks to the models in various categories and the best modal would go to TCV Upper Dharamsala for Inter TCV Science modal competition in October this year.

Both the students and staff members had also written their comments on the big chart which was meant for comments. The comment books was filled with so many words of appreciation for both the students and the science teachers.