IMG_8839IMG_8833IMG_8803A group of nearly 50 Tibetan children visited TCV School Suja as a part of Summer Camp Program and they were presented cultural presentation by the host school. The 50 children along with the escorts reached TCV Suja on 6th August at around 2 pm from TCV Gopalpur. The students were distributed among the homes so that the students could interact with others, which was the main purpose of this summer camp.
The summer Program has been organised by TCV Alumni for the Tibetan children who were born abroad. Through this summer camp which last for little more than a month, the children were given an extensive education on Tibetan culture and they were exposed to the lives of Tibetan Children in various TCV Schools.
On the night of the day they arrived, the school presented Dances and songs from Tibet in the school hall. At the end of the program, one of the children from the summer camp gave a vote of thanks and offered scarves to the school Director and the Principal.

Creative Writing Workshop by

As per the resolution passed by the recent meeting of the school principals with the Education Director about the need for a workshop on Creative Writing in English,, an online website promoting the writings of the exile Tibetan writers and poets initiated this workshop. The workshop began on 1st August starting from Upper TCV Dharamsala followed by other TCV Schools in north India.

The workshop reached TCV Suja on 5th August on Sunday. The workshop was given to the students of class IX and X in two sessions, one in which the poets read out their poems and the other in which they gave a practise on writing poems by using various literary devices.

The workshop was given by Bhuchung D Sonam, Tenzin Tsundue and Tsering wangmo Dhompa, all great poets and writers. All the poets gave a very good knowledge about the background of their work and how important it is for young Tibetans to make their voices heard in outside world.

The students enjoyed the 4 hour session although it was Sunday, when everybody relaxes. ” The workshop was very wonderful and I was able to write one poem along with these Tibetan English poets”, said Thupten a student of class IX.

The school Principal gave a vote of thanks and offered scarves and school magazines to all the poets. Bhuchung D Sonam gave 10 copies of his newly published book ” Yak Horns”  and some poetry books of Tenzin Tsundue to the school library.

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The English Quiz of class V and VI was held in the junior school hall on 6th August at 7 pm. There were total of 16 students, two each from class V and VI. Mrs. Pema Dickyi la, the English teacher of class VI was the host and there were 4 quiz masters. The quiz was very good and informative to all the people gathered there in the hall. Finally the representatives of class VI came first and they were presented prizes by the Junior school Headmaster, Gyen Tashi Topgyal la.