Around 400 students of class X and IX gave their First Summative Assessment on 16th July in the school hall. There was a big Best Wishes chart for the students prepared by the Suja Staff members.The students entered the exam hall at 10 am. The class X students had their Mathematics and class IX had their Science paper. The Invigilators started distributing the papers exactly at 10:15, just 15 minutes ahead of the commencement of the actual exam. There was just a tense moment as every one in the hall was excited to see if the paper was tough. During the next three hours, the students buried their noses in their papers while invigilators keep pacing up and down to provide supplementary sheets. The school Principal visited the exam hall to see how the exam was being carried. At the end of the three hour test, the papers were collected by the invigilators and packed thereafter.  The exam hall which was once packed reduced to an empty hall filled with desk. The next paper would be one day after. The exam would be going till the end of this month.