Head master and the class IX & X teachers doing the seating arrangement in the school hall

The exam hall is all set for the class IX and X Summative Assessment which will commence from 16th July 2012 and last for more than a week. This year around 400 class IX and X students will be giving their exams. Unlike former years, with the introduction of the CCE ( Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the traditional 3 hour board exam has been turned into more conducive and student friendly by diving the exams into two major Assessment i.e.  Summative I and II carrying 50 marks each, with 4 Formative test carrying 10 marks each. Both the teachers and students of class IX and X take these two exams seriously and preparations are done long ahead of time. This year, unlike the previous year, there will be common paper checking among the TCV Schools. Two days are left for this long awaited Summative Assessment I. The school staff members wish all the students good luck and colourful result.