6th july is the day when Tibetans all over the world celebrate the Birthday of the one and the only Tibetan  spiritual leader, His Holiness the Tenzin Gyatso. The day is very special for everyone and usually filled with lots of fun and frolic.TCV School Suja celebrated His Holiness’ 77thBirthday with the lifelong prayer and incense burning ceremony. The function was held on the Basketball court in the presence of the chief guest Honourable Rinku Tulku from Bir Monastery. The function was attended by both the staff and students. The function began with the singing of our national anthem followed by the delivery of the speech given by the Kashag on the occasion. The first speech came from the school Director, Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la who gave the reason why Tibetans all over the world celebrate this day with great pomp and show. Later the students from the Junior section presented the Tibetan Dialectics. The program was also enlivened by the maiden performance of the students’ Band Group which was followed by cultural presentation. Traditional sweet rice and tea were served while enjoying the lively performance of those performers. Towards the end Honourable Rinku Tulku addressed the gathering the importance of this day. The function concluded with he singing of our school song.In the evening, the long awaited Inter House Cultural Competition began. Fingers were crossed, breathes were on hold and few would perhaps have missed a beat when the announcer set on to declare the result of Inter-house cultural Dance and Song Competition. It was Nyatri house that pulled on to the mixed atmosphere of tension and excitement that crept in the air of Phuntsok Deshi Hall in the final moment of the gala event. Nyatri house stunned the jam-packed Phuntsok Deshi hall and brought an end to all the speculations of the best pundits of the school by securing the overall first position with 193 points, edging the last year’s winner Triral house to the second position who could secure only 184 points. Nyatri house could secure the coveted position by winning the dance of senior group and securing second position in the Dance of Junior group, Duet song and Group song. Trisong house and Songtsen were in third and fourth position. Former the securing first position in Dance of Junior group with 132 points and later could secure only 114 points without any position in all the formats. The Inter house cultural Dance and Song competition that was held on the 5th July is the most cherished and important event among the other major co-curricular activities of the school. The competition aims to nurture and preserve the rich traditional dances and songs of Tibetan culture. Apart from developing loving attitude toward music and in ones culture and tradition, it also aims to encourage younger generation to inherit the rich cultural legacy of Tibet. The event was conducted on the eve of His Holiness birth anniversary as a tribute to His Holiness service to mankind and it was also dedicated to the martyrs who have sacrificed their life in voicing against the oppressive policies of Chinese Communist Party in Tibet. The event was graced by Mr.Penpa Tsering, the honourable Speaker of Tibetan Parliament C.T.A, as the chief guest. Among the other guest were the heads of local Tibetan welfare officers, representatives of Tibetan Youth Congress (Local Body) and Tibetan Women Association (Local Body). Speaking on the occasion Mr. Penpa Tsering lauded the student and the administration’s effort to preserve Tibetan tradition and culture through the medium. He also said Tibetans has very rich heritage of performing arts which is now trampled and destroyed by the communist regime in Tibet. He further said that despite the heavy clamp down by Communist regime in Tibet, Tibetans express their anguish, pain and suffering through the medium of performing arts. They sing their plights and vent and show their patriotic love for their motherland in the form of dance, hence performing art is the most cherished tool of the Tibetans inside Tibet to express them. “The situation inside the Tibet is very critical and Tibetans have to live under the great threat to life, still Tibetans for the better tomorrow of us they are shedding their lives, so that one day Tibetans can breathe air which would be free  and live on a soil that we can call it our soil. Hence we dedicate this event of the school to those martyrs who have laid their lives for our cause.” Mr. Ngodup Wangdu the school director said on the occasion. The event not only evokes a great sense of nationalism among the audience but it also glorified the rich Tibetan culture and heritage.  Many guests gifted cash to the performers as token of encouragement and appreciation for their blistering performance. Finally the event was concluded by The Principal, Mr. Sonam Sichoe’s vote of thanks speech. Apart from thanking all the concerned, he also welcomed many suggestions and offers given by the Mr. Penpa Tsering , the chief guest and Nawang Tenzin, the chief Judge of the event, that the school will surely strive to introduce LHAMO, the Tibetan opera  and fix a rendezvous with Mr.Penpa Tsering , to boost political awareness concerning Tibetan cause among the students of the school.